Multijet Ampoule and Vial Washing Machine
Vial washing machine

Ampoule and Vial Washing Machine

LODHA started in the year 2008 with the prime objective to serve pharmaceutical, petrochemical, biotech, chemical industry, etc. During the past 12years, we focused on the development of pharmaceutical facility automation, materializing the automation of production facilities for ampoules filling and sealing machines, injections, eye drops, and ointments. Based on our technological capability and accumulated know-how we have designed the Ampoule and Vial Washing Machine – the LI MW 340. The machine complies with the latest GMP standards and best suited for vial washing. It is a semi-automatic, compact, and versatile in operations. This machine delivers exactly what is needed while the vile and ampoule washing is done.

LODHA Vial Washing Machine – LI MW 340

The machine is designed keeping in mind the modern operations at different units. It can be utilized in wide applications such as various sizes of ampoules and vials. This Vial Washing Machine has an effective multistage cleansing function with a noise-proof system. The built-in recalculated water system effectively reduces rinsing water consumption making it a comfortable, and efficient machine to work upon.

The Salient features of the machine are:

  • Positive & pressurized jets through washing needle for pressure cleaning at minimum usages for washing media.
  • The sound design concept of pressure tank for reverses & continuous supply of washes media.
  • Both internal & external washing ensuring absolutely & continuous ampoule/vial after sequential washing.
  • Acrylic top cover for a clear view of washing events taking place in the machine.
  • On-line poly carbonates housing with P.P. replaceable filter cartridge of 5 OR 10 micron of water for best possible washing.
  • All contact parts of washing media are of S.S.
  • In the event of acrylic cover lifted during cycle operation, the Ampoule and Vial Washing Machine will automatically stop and re-start from the point when the cover is pushed down.

Rotary Vial Washing Machine

When washing vial, ampoules, or cartridges for pharmaceutical production there is often a trade-off between cleaning performance and throughput speed. By installing a high capacity rotary vial washing machine of LODHA, you can obtain optimum cleaning and sterilization results. The machine with an integral washing tank with multiple washing stations is designed to clean the glass vials internally and externally. Operations of rotary travel systems are controlled via PLC. The machine can handle Ampoule dimensions of 10 mm to 21.5 mm in diameter and 60 mm to 140 mm of height. The vials that can be washed in LI MW 340 are 15 mm to 56 mm of diameter and 56 mm to 110 mm in height.

Sr.No.Washing CyclesWashing Media
1.1st washDM water
2.2nd washPurified Air
3.3rd washDM water
4.4th washPurified Air
5.5th washDistilled Water (WFI)
6.6th washPurified Air

Technical Specification:

Sr.No.Machine ModelLI-MW 340
1.Production Rate30 to 110 Vials/Min.
90 to 160 Ampoules/Min.
2.Ampoule Diameter10mm to 21.5mm
3.Ampoule Height60mm to 140mm
4.Vial Diameter15mm to 56mm
5.Vial Height56mm to 110mm
6.Power Specification0.25 H.P.
7.Electrical Characteristics440 Volts, 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, 50 Hertz
8.Distilled Water2 Kg/cm²
9.Air20 CFM @ 5 bar
10.Overall Dimension990 mm (L) X 860 mm (W) X 940 mm (H)

The Final Say!

Simple good design, making the best use of modern materials and methods, ensures LODHA rotary vial washing machine the most compact and efficient washers in the industry. Get free and zero obligation quote from us. State your requirements for customization and get the best fit for your operations. Contact us now.

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