High Speed Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine
Ampoule Filling Machine Manufacturer

High Speed Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

LODHA presents the all-new model LI-AFS 8 for ampoule filling. The machine works on the principle of slant travel as it progresses with filling and sealing of ampoules. The model LI-AFS 8 incorporate and adjust with the wide range available of ampoule neck’s dimension and thicknesses. The machine is versatile enough to fill and seal all standard dimension ampoules. The High Speed Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine from LODHA is erected from a square pipe frame made of pure stainless steel alloy. The ampoule machine also encompasses with S. S. Coverings. The look of model LI-AFS 8 is pleasing enough to keep the productivity on a higher scale as it comes with a pleasing matt finish. To ease down the cleaning and maintaining the process of the machine, a large open area is given at the bottom. The model comes with a pendant type electrical control panel for ease of its operation and safety. The Salient Features are as follows:

  • LI-AFS 8 has a compact GMP model.
  • All contact parts made from AISI SS 316L & other Non-contact parts made from AISI SS 304.
  • The machine can easily accommodate and fill 1ml to 20ml ampoules and minimum change over parts from 1ml to 20ml ampoule size.
  • The machine has builtin "No Ampoule - No Filling" system.
  • The neck of containers centers automatically when gas gets flushed and filtering operations are being carried out.
  • The system allows the flushing of nitrogen gas anytime during the process.
  • Easy and low-cost maintenance.
  • The model is equipped with a pre-warming station.
  • Lowest change over time among similar machines.

Ampoule Filling Machine Manufacturer

LODHA has built this model to adjust for ampoules made from glass and plastic. The machine is a live example of technological advancement as it can also seal and fill environmentally sensitive liquids and acids that should get sealed as soon as they get to pour in ampoule to avoid any contamination.

As a futuristic Ampoule Filling Machine Manufacturer, we designed the LI-AFS 8 model to carry out the filling procedure of both liquid and powder.

The operational process is also kept simple keeping in mind the user part. The ampoules first put in the tray that is directly get loaded to slant hopper. The process then starts, wheel start to deliver one at a time moving in the rack in four’s. The rack gets stopped sequentially and during the stoppage, the pre-gassing, filling, post gassing, pre-heating, and final sealing are done of the ampoule. The sealed and finished ampoules are then collected in a tray with no human touch involved in the entire process.

Technical Specification:

Sr.No.Machine ModelLI-AFS 8
1.Ampoule Filling Range1 ml to 10 ml
2.Production Output200 ampoules/ min.
3.Filling Accuracy± 1%
4.Require Gas for SealingLPG & Oxygen (O₂)
5.Nitrogen FlushingPre and Post Nitrogen Flushing Available
6.Power Specification1 H.P.
7..Electrical Characteristics230 Volts, Single Phase, 50 Hertz, 4 Wire System
8..Contact PartsMade from Stainless Steel 316L
9.Non-Contact PartsMade from Stainless Steel 304
10.Overall Dimension1180mm (L) x 1075mm (W) x 975mm (H)